​New Paradigm Solutions
Greetings and Welcome to my site.

My name is Alexander Meimand, founder of New Paradigm Solutions. 
I specialize in highly collaborative meetings and workshops that cross-polinate ideas and surface new innovative solutions. My work is cross-cultural and applicable to any industry and any community goals. I fulfillingly served in the Federal Government for seven years as an organizational consultant and an agent of change.

It is now time for my skillsets to be used in a variety of organizations and communities, big and small, domestic and abroad, to experience the magic of group wisdom, healthy dialogue, and optimized systems.

Key Offerings:
- Open Space Technology
- World Cafe
- Collective Group Problem Solving
- Permaculture Consultations
- Conflict Resolution
- Mediation
- Dialogue and Feedback Training
- Knowledge Sharing
- Cultural Transformation
- Training and Development Needs

Target fields & topics:
- Group Wisdom
- Civil Rights
- Tribal Relations
- Diversity
- Education
- Law Enforcement
- Firefighting
- Recreation
- Land Use
- Intergenerational Communication / Understanding
- Cross-Cultural and Religious Cooperation / Understanding
- Youth Empowerment
- Adult Learning
- Social Change / Justice
- Organizational Enlightenment

​- Permaculture
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Organizations and communities are
networks of conversations

Host Conversations
That Matter

National Coalition for Deliberation and Dialogue (NCDD) Member
More info on NCDD

If you have a technical or social issue with a diversity of opinions and a decision time frame of yesterday, we've got a plan...
Any complexity

From small to large scale

Any industry/field

Any culture

Any part of the globe

Any Generation...
Using methods that work:
Open Space Technology (OST)
World Cafe
Samoan Circles
Fish Bowls
Dialogue Circles
Systems Thinking Frameworks
Customized Activities and Trainings
Actionable Strategies

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The goal is not to just talk together, but to ​successfully think together. It's not solely about a conclusion, but in discovering and agreeing upon where a conclusion may lie.
We have all attended plenty of unsuccessful meetings. Step up above your norm and let us show you what your team is capable of accomplishing.