​​Your New Paradigm Solution
Welcome to Your New Paradigm Solution! 
We specialize in highly collaborative and inclusive gatherings applicable to any combination of cultures and industries across the globe. 
These meetings focus on the cross-polination of ideas in order to surface innovative solutions across all levels of your organization.

By 2030, many organizations will be investing in learning how to flatten certain levels of heirarchy, even if temporarily, to gain access to a powerful resource hidden at the grassroots level of conversations and idea flow.
Organizations will soon be extending themselves to cultivate and glean the fruits of a valuable resource called: 
Collective/Group Wisdom.

Your New Paradigm Solution builds the conditions conducive to experiencing the power of collective wisdom and healthy dialogue.
This is about hosting conversations that matter and facilitating them into action.
After all, organizations are networks of conversations.
National Coalition for Deliberation and Dialogue (NCDD) Member
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Organizations and communities are
networks of conversations

Host Conversations
That Matter
Testimonials and Case Studies
  1. "Calm. Unification. Authenticity. Alexander Meimand brings these qualities into the room. I’ve seen him enter a room of energetic, scattered, skeptical people. Within minutes, the group had found synergy. Within hours, the candor and trust in the group was such that hard conversations took place - and issue resolution had started. He is skilled in creating the safety and skill set for people to talk with - and listen to - each other in a way that doesn’t generally happen in the workplace. There aren’t many people with Alexander’s background. The array of skills and tools he brings has supported our capacity for change and healing."
    Heidi BiglerCole
    Social Scientist US Forest Service
  2. "Alexander is a thoughtful, reflective, skilled facilitator who listens well to those exploring when and how to use a facilitator for organizational effectiveness, engaging teams and staff in dialogic exploration of opportunities and issues, product, project and program design, strategic planning, collaborative work and group dynamics. He fits engagement processes to tasks, cultures and working communities, and he invites cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, full-systems thinking. He welcomes and contributes to exploration, discovery and knowledge-sharing in both his client work and his professional field."
    Lisa Heft
    Consultant, Facilitator, Educator, and President of Open Space Institute US
  3. "Alexander is a gifted facilitator. His presence allows him to attend to the needs of a community or organization on multiple levels. When he brings his full awareness to the shared challenges of a group he is able to hold the space for both personal and social transformation. His considerable skills make him a valuable asset for planning, hosting, and facilitating events, meetings, and the development of communities. I was especially impressed when he taught over 200 federal employees the importance of managing emotions in collaborative, high-stakes and high pressure work environments."
    Toni Stafford-Newby
    Organization Development Specialist, Executive Officer, US Forest Service
  4. "I have had the privilege to work with Alexander. His quick wit and ability to adapt to changing client needs provided for successful client relationships and excellent customer service. Clients depend on Alexander’s proactive resilience, finding solutions to a slew of highly complex problems. He has a positive attitude which led to positive team culture. His ability to be lighthearted and focused keeps the client engaged, high performance, and strong team morale. His sensitivity in valuing others and embracing the organization’s mission and vision speaks volumes to his character and integrity. Alexander is truly a leader with a high level skill set."
    Jim Copeland
    Center Director Nantahala National Forest US Forest Service